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Company Profile

PT. Metrindo Supra Sinatria

Founded in 1988, PT. Metrindo Supra Sinatria (MSS) is one of the six business units under the CORMIC Technology Group of Companies. The Company is focused in activities in the field of Information Technology (IT) and electronics components with specialization in distribution, services and manufacturing.

The Company has offices in Jakarta and Surabaya. To prepare itself for the post economics crisis era, and the government policy of decentralization, the Company plans to expand its presence in other major cities across the Archipelago. Towards the millennium of globalization and free trade areas, the Company with its expertise and business standing is proud to take the leads to meet all the future challenges. As a leader in distribution of IT products, the Company, with the extensive support of dealer channels across the 23 major cities in Indonesia, is able to anticipate and meet all of our customers' sophisticated IT needs.

We, at PT. Metrindo Supra Sinatria, are aware that the key to successful delivery of the right products and to support the needs of the customers are to understand the requirements of the customers. In 1990, the Company set up a manufacturing /assembling facility in Surabaya. This factory was set up to cater to needs of OEM PC manufacturers that want to assemble the PCs locally to save the high import taxes imposed by the Indonesian Government. All products that are assembled in this facility go through series of testing and quality control procedures. With the stringent testing procedures, the Company is able to make sure that all the products delivered to customers are free of defects.

Besides the manufacturing facility, the factory is also the main service center for all of the products sold by the Company. The service center is equipped with the latest testing tools and monitoring devices to execute complex in- house repairs, hence ensuring a more efficient turn around time. The Company understands all too well that "time is money". The staffs in the service centers are technically trained and are expert in hardware and software configuration, installation and maintenance.